A Contemporary and Intuitive EMR Solution Built on Microsoft Office


Are you among the seventy-five percent of physicians who haven’t yet implemented an electronic medical record solution for your practice? How much longer are you going to wait? Are you tempted by financial incentives offered through the ARRA stimulus package, but concerned about making the right EMR choice among the dozens if not hundreds available? Is the thought of implementing and learning how to use an EMR keeping you up at night?

Hundreds of thousands of American physicians are feeling  pressured to implement electronic medical record systems for their practices. New payment schedules and regulations will soon make it highly undesirable to practice medicine without using an EMR of some kind. But selecting an EMR solution for your practice is a big decision. You want a solution that is going to be flexible, intuitive, and easy for you and your staff to learn how to use. You want a solution that’s reliable, certified, and built on industry standards.  You also want something built on technology that is guaranteed to still be around many years from now.

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