First ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certifications


After much hype that was started by then Candidate for President Obama well before the 2008 Elections there is now such a thing as a Certified EMR or EHR.

On October 1st CCHIT released their list of the first 34 EHR’s that have attained certified status. The question is, are these the best of the best or those that happened to be first in line? I think it shows that these are the vendors that had the stability and resources to already be CCHIT Certified before it was a requirement and the ability to quickly respond to new certification and meaningful use requirements.

As many other EHR vendors form a line to get certified or scramble to make the required upgrades to their EHR to meet certification requirements, or struggle to find the resources to do this, the EHR landscape will continue to change. I expect that many of the 300+ vendors will either fail or be swallowed up by their more successful competitors.

There already has been some of this consolidation. Allscripts merged with Misys in 2008 affecting about 150,000 physicians and dooming Misys users to either migrate to Allscripts or another vendor if they wanted a system to move forward with.

Recently, Allscripts and Eclipsys have merged which will be a significant resources drain for the combined company and may create support issues in the short term. Additionally, it puts the longevity of their small practice Myway EMR into question, it was not on the above list. Myway was purchased not long ago from iMedica (now Aprima), so the question is whether Allscripts will keep an older EHR they bought or migrate practices to Peak Practice.

These mergers will continue so stand by!

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