10 Collaborations That Will Impact The Health-Care Space This Year And Beyond


There are hundreds of EMR/EHR vendors in the market today and of those almost 100 are considered certified. As the market matures, I expect many of them to fall off the map due to an inability to compete or to keep up with meaningful use or certification standards.

Choosing the wrong vendor can create significant headaches for health-care practices down the road. A good example is Medinotes EHR, many practices purchased the product and discovered that even before it was fully implemented that the product was purchased by Eclipsys, end of life’d and would never be certified. They now have the challenge and expense of either migrating and retraining their practice to Eclipsys or choosing another vendor.

As a practice evaluates which EMR/EHR direction to move in, they should not only look at the functionality of the system, but also look at the strength of the vendor and the vendor’s partnerships. In the CRN story below, the EMR companies that are partnered with the likes of Microsoft are the players to watch.

A great example is the Microsoft/Glostream partnership. Because Glostream runs 100% on Microsoft’s server and desktop software as well as utilizes MS Word as the clinician’s interface, it is easy to use and support. Additionally, for the same reasons previously mentioned, Glosteam generates significant Microsoft licensing sales and is therefore a strategic partner for the software giant.

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